Central America’s Migration Crisis

Central America’s Migration Crisis

The heated debate in America over migrants and asylum-seekers seeking to cross into the country from Mexico has often overshadowed the origins of the problem: the push factors that drive so many to flee from the so-called Northern Triangle states of El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala. Download your FREE copy of Central America’s Migration Crisis to learn more today.

Crime and insecurity coupled with corruption and lack of accountability make life precarious for many of the region’s most vulnerable populations, who are preyed on by criminal gangs and at times the state. U.S. policy has in the past contributed to these problems or else failed to help address them effectively, putting part of the responsibility for finding lasting solutions on Washington.

Download Central America’s Migration Crisis today to take a deeper look at the crisis and get a glimpse at what the future may hold.

In this report, you will learn about a variety of issues, including:

  • The split in Latin America over how to deal with rising violence.
  • How the United States contributed to the problem and why it must help fix it.
  • El Salvador’s ‘Iron Fist’ crackdown on gangs.
  • The election crisis and protests in Honduras.
  • Why Guatemala’s anti-corruption commission faces a new wave of efforts to derail it.
  • What life is really like on Mexico’s migrant trail.