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Frida Ghitis

Frida Ghitis is a world affairs columnist and a regular contributor to CNN and The Washington Post. Her WPR column appears every Thursday. Follow her on Twitter at @fridaghitis.

She started her career at CNN, where she worked initially as a show producer, a unit manager for major news operations and later as a producer and correspondent covering mostly international news. In addition to CNN, her work has appeared in The Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Philadelphia Inquirer, NRC Handelsblad (Netherlands) and in scores of publications in the U.S., Europe, the Middle East and beyond. Her regular column on global affairs in the Miami Herald is distributed worldwide by McClatchy-Tribune Information Services.

She has worked in all corners of the world, traveling in Iraq during and after the rule of Saddam Hussein. She worked in Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt during Desert Storm. She covered the wars in Bosnia and Kosovo, and has worked independently in Tibet, Burma, Kuwait, Argentina, Cambodia, Colombia, and dozens of places in between. Her work has taken her to the Amazon jungles of South America, to Russia, Brazil, India, Somalia, and elsewhere.

As a consultant, she advises organizations operating or contemplating projects in diverse regions of the world, providing political analysis and forecasting. She is a public speaker on world affairs and the author of “The End of Revolution: A Changing World in the Age of Live Television.”