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World Citizen: Europe, Too, Faces Pakistan-Linked Terrorism

Thursday, Dec. 4, 2008

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands -- Concerns over terrorism rise at moments like this, when a massacre garners intense media attention, as did the attacks in Mumbai. But terrorist plots and efforts to stop them have become a common event in many parts of the world. And in Europe, where investigations, disrupted plots, and arrests have become a regular occurrence, many of the cases show disturbing links to the events in India.

In the aftermath of the terror in Mumbai, tensions between India and Pakistan continue to grow, as Delhi points a finger at its neighbor and rival as the source of the plot that left more than 170 dead. The Pakistani government denies involvement, but there is scant doubt that Pakistan has become the primary location for hatching plots and training would-be terrorists to strike in many parts of the world. Plainly, the problem of Pakistan-based terrorism is not just a challenge for India. ...

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