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Is the EU Set on Overriding the Democratic Will?

Monday, Oct. 2, 2006

EU Justice and Interior Ministers have just met in Tampere, Finland, to devise a common immigration and asylum policy by 2010. As contentious as the issue proved, it is ultimately no match for the other issue on the agenda, which set alarm bells ringing in a number of European capitals: changing the EU's system of qualified majority voting (QMV) on criminal justice and home affairs matters. The changes proposed would mean ending national vetoes on highly sensitive issues -- and thus a further significant loss of sovereign control to Brussels.

Though the two-day conference broke up with little achieved, EU Commissioners are determined to push to "simplify voting procedures" and reinvigorate the stalled decision-making process. The Finnish presidency has gone even further, stating that it wants to achieve QMV by the end of its presidency in December, 2006. ...

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