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Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega and first lady Rosario Murillo during a rally, Managua, Nicaragua, July 19, 2015 (AP photo by Esteban Felix).

How Ortega Took the Suspense Out of Nicaragua’s Presidential Election

Thursday, Nov. 3, 2016

In a few days, voters will cast their ballots in a presidential election that has been marked by such unimaginable developments that if it were a work of fiction, publishers would reject it as far too implausible. No, we’re not talking about the United States. This election will take place in Nicaragua on Nov. 6. And we can already predict with absolute certainty that Daniel Ortega will be elected president. Again.

Ortega’s name became known around the world in the 1980s as a leader of the Sandinista National Liberation Front, a Marxist guerrilla group that toppled Nicaragua’s four-decade-long Somoza family dictatorship. Since coming to power, the former Marxist rebel’s ideology has taken an idiosyncratic twist, blending elements of capitalism, populism, new age spirituality and, above all, the tendencies of an autocrat whose paramount objective is to remain in power. ...

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