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Strategic Horizons: Egypt Shows Danger of U.S. Reliance on Local Security Partners

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The world is riveted by the ongoing turmoil in Egypt as that nation frantically searches for a political identity and a path to stable democracy. Because Egypt has long been one of America's most important political and security partners, Washington is particularly worried about a collapse into violence or the seizure of power by extremists. Such concern is warranted, but more than just the future of Egypt is in play: The problems there are not unique or isolated, but emblematic of a crisis of governance engulfing the entire world.

This will have a profound effect on U.S. security. In the long term, Egypt's turmoil signals the growing obsolescence of one of the fundamental precepts of U.S. national security strategy: encouraging stability in key regions by relying on local security partnerships. Thus Egypt is important in itself and for what it portends about the coming decade. ...

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