For Israel, No Good Outcomes in Syria’s War

Despite Israel and Syria’s continuing enmity, their border has been calm for decades. In the past few years, however, the region’s strategic landscape has changed drastically, particularly with regard to Syria’s civil war. For Israel, that has introduced an extremely complicated security dilemma.

Strategic Horizons

For Hint of Iraq’s Future, Take Another Look at Vietnam War

By Steven Metz
, , Column

Although it was common to hear ominous warnings of “another Vietnam” as Iraq devolved into insurgency in 2004, many soon concluded that the Vietnam analogy did not apply to Iraq. But Iraq’s unraveling over the past year suggests the Vietnam conflict may provide indications of Iraq’s future after all. more

Diplomatic Fallout

Can Putin Rebrand Russia as Stabilizing Force in Ukraine, Syria?

By Richard Gowan
, , Column

Vladimir Putin looked a little isolated on May 9, when world leaders largely stayed away from Moscow’s parade commemorating the end of World War II. But since then, Angela Merkel has gone to Moscow for talks, and John Kerry has visited Putin in Sochi. Putin may not be globally popular, but he is no pariah. more

World Citizen

Camp David Summit Is U.S. Debut for Rising Saudi Prince

By Frida Ghitis
, , Column

Among the many challenges facing President Barack Obama and U.S. officials meeting with Gulf Arab leaders this week, one has abruptly climbed to near the top of the agenda: taking the measure of the rising star of the Saudi firmament, King Salman’s son Prince Mohammed bin Salman. more

Middle East Nuclear Race More Rhetoric Than Reality

By Jessica C. Varnum
, , Briefing

In the run-up to the June 30 deadline for a comprehensive nuclear agreement with Iran, alarmists are again warning of an imminent race to nuclear weapons capabilities in the Middle East in the guise of peaceful nuclear programs. But the logic of chain-reaction proliferation in the Middle East is critically flawed. more