Global Insights

Responding to Crises, SCO Finally Embraces Expansion

By Richard Weitz
, , Column

After years of stasis, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization at its latest summit finally agreed to consider expanding the organization’s membership, which has remained fixed since its foundation in 2001. But the group still faces several obstacles to expanding its role in Eurasia. more

Despite Saakashvili Prosecution, Georgia Moves West

By David Klion
, , Trend Lines

Last month, Georgian prosecutors filed charges against former President Mikheil Saakashvili for misallocating public funds while in office. While Saakashvili is strongly identified with Georgia’s pro-Western foreign policy, the new government in Tbilisi has only intensified this policy. more

In Context

New EU Leadership Aims to Strike a Balance

By Maria Savel
, , Trend Lines

The appointment of Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk as president of the European Council and Italian Foreign Minister Frederica Mogherini as EU high representative for foreign policy shows the steps the EU is taking to balance divisions among its members. more