Falling Oil Prices Push Venezuela, Maduro Closer to the Edge

Despite a 25 percent drop in oil prices since June, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is doubling down on his current policies instead of attempting politically unpopular restructuring. By stalling in the hopes of higher oil prices or Chinese credit, Maduro is ignoring cracks in his political and economic program.


Angola Modernizes Navy to Protect Maritime Resources

By Francisco Galamas
, , Briefing

Last month, in another sign of their strategic partnership, Brazil and Angola signed an agreement for the Brazilian navy to support the development of Angola’s naval capabilities. The deal fits into Angola’s broader strategy to secure its maritime borders and safeguard its oil and fishing resources. more

Rising to the Challenge: Can Latin America Escape Its Past?

By The Editors
, , Report

Electoral democracy is flourishing across Latin America. But if the region has eagerly embraced pluralism, many problems remain, ranging from insecurity and corruption to balancing economic growth with environmental concerns. This report covers the full spectrum of Latin America’s challenges. more