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Health officials use a thermometer to screen passengers at the arrival hall of Murtala Mohammed International airport in Lagos, Nigeria, Oct. 20, 2014 (AP photo by Sunday Alamba).

Nigeria Beats Ebola, but Offers Little Leadership to West Africa

By Alex Thurston
, , Briefing

International media, accustomed to portraying Nigeria negatively, has rushed to laud the country’s efforts against Ebola after it stopped the outbreak. But Nigeria’s actions at home and relative inaction abroad on Ebola reflect the broader pattern of receding Nigerian leadership in West Africa. more

New Growth for Nuclear Energy Depends on Asia

By Miles A. Pomper
, , Briefing

Does the nuclear energy industry still have exciting possibilities for growth, or are its best days behind it? A web of factors—economic, political and technical, both within countries and globally—will determine whether nuclear energy enjoys a new lease on life or slowly limps toward the grave. more