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Paratrooper carrrying the Serbian flag, Batanjnica, Serbia, Aug. 2, 2008 (photo by Flickr user jetsetwilly licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic license).

Despite Foreign Policy Controversies, Serbia’s EU Bid Still on Track

By David Klion
, , Trend Lines

Recently, Serbia has hosted Kosovo’s foreign minister, given Russian President Vladimir Putin a hero’s welcome and postponed a visit from Albania’s prime minister over a soccer incident. Diplomatic controversies may complicate Serbia’s bid to join the European Union, but are unlikely to derail it. more

New Growth for Nuclear Energy Depends on Asia

By Miles A. Pomper
, , Briefing

Does the nuclear energy industry still have exciting possibilities for growth, or are its best days behind it? A web of factors—economic, political and technical, both within countries and globally—will determine whether nuclear energy enjoys a new lease on life or slowly limps toward the grave. more

Global Insider

Chad Uses Environmental Rules to Keep Tight Grip on Oil Sector

By The Editors
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Chad is currently in talks with the Chinese National Petroleum Company over oil-extraction licenses that were revoked due to environmental violations. In an email interview, Celeste Hicks, a freelance journalist specializing in Africa, discussed Chad’s oil sector. more

Angola Modernizes Navy to Protect Maritime Resources

By Francisco Galamas
, , Briefing

Last month, in another sign of their strategic partnership, Brazil and Angola signed an agreement for the Brazilian navy to support the development of Angola’s naval capabilities. The deal fits into Angola’s broader strategy to secure its maritime borders and safeguard its oil and fishing resources. more

World Citizen

With Hong Kong Protests, China Confronts Fateful Choice

By Frida Ghitis
, , Column

The unexpected outbreak of massive pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong has presented authorities in Beijing with a pivotal challenge. Chinese President Xi Jinping has three choices: He can compromise; he can crack down; or he can watch and wait, hoping the protests will die down. more