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South African President Jacob Zuma at an auditorium at Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, Dec. 5, 2014 (AP photo by Ng Han Guan).

South Africa’s Zuma Faces Double Bind on Troubled Economy

By James Hamill
, , Briefing

The past two years have been deeply unsettling ones for South Africa’s economy, which like other emerging markets around the world, including the once-solid BRICS, is in a sea of trouble. That stands in sharp contrast to the established view of South Africa as an African powerhouse and emerging market leader. more

Vietnam’s Workers Use Local Strikes to Push Party for Reforms

By Adam Fforde
, , Briefing

A strike by thousands of workers at a footwear factory earlier this month exposed the severely eroded authority of Vietnam’s ruling Communist Party. More than a rare challenge to the party, the strike highlighted a growing alignment of interests among workers, local employers and major international companies to push the party to reform. more

Qatar Ties Reflect India’s Middle East Balancing Act

By Saurav Jha
, , Briefing

India’s growing ties with Qatar are part of a broader policy of Indian engagement throughout the Persian Gulf and the wider Middle East, on issues from labor access to energy security. India is hedging its bets against the threat of more instability, using diversified partnerships across the region to protect its interests. more

Global Insider

South Korea Proves a Reliable Economic Partner for Latin America

By The Editors
, , Trend Lines

South Korean President Park Geun-hye left Thursday for Colombia, the first stop on her weeklong tour of Latin America. In an interview, Juan Felipe Lopez Aymes, a researcher at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, discussed South Korea’s ties with Latin America. more

The Realist Prism

To Avert Decline, U.S. Must Accept Reality of Multipolarity

By Nikolas Gvosdev
, , Column

Several events in the past month, from the Iran talks to the emerging Chinese financial bloc, have raised the question of whether the U.S. has entered the first stages of its decline. Washington will need to rediscover a “multipolar mindset” in order to conduct an effective foreign policy. more

Hybrid Power: The Limits of Russia’s Military Resurgence

By Richard Weitz
, , Feature

Despite the remarkable recovery of its military-industrial complex in the past decade, Russia remains a regional military power with limited global power-projection capabilities. Recognizing the strengths and weaknesses of the Russian defense sector is crucial for assessing a potential Russian military threat. more

Special Report

Chavismo After Chavez: Venezuela in the Maduro Era

By The Editors
, , Report

Two years after the death of Hugo Chavez, Venezuela finds itself mired in crisis. A drop in energy prices has devastated an already weak economy, while a crackdown on civil society has stifled the political opposition. This report draws on articles covering Venezuela from the outset of President Nicolas Maduro’s tenure. more

In Context

The Road to Iran’s Agreement on a Framework Nuclear Deal

By The Editors
, , Trend Lines

With Thursday’s news that Iran and six world powers agreed on a framework deal to limit Iran’s nuclear program and prevent it from developing a nuclear weapon, WPR is making background reading available for free. The articles cover topics from leaps of faith in the talks to the U.S.-Israel split on Iran. more