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Health officials use a thermometer to screen passengers at the arrival hall of Murtala Mohammed International airport in Lagos, Nigeria, Oct. 20, 2014 (AP photo by Sunday Alamba).

Nigeria Beats Ebola, but Offers Little Leadership to West Africa

By Alex Thurston
, , Briefing

International media, accustomed to portraying Nigeria negatively, has rushed to laud the country’s efforts against Ebola after it stopped the outbreak. But Nigeria’s actions at home and relative inaction abroad on Ebola reflect the broader pattern of receding Nigerian leadership in West Africa. more

Global Insider

Turkey’s Regime Change Policy for Syria Finds Little Domestic Support

By The Editors
, , Trend Lines

Turkey recently announced that only Syrian refugees would be allowed to cross the border to fight against the so-called Islamic State in the besieged town of Kobani. In an email interview, Sinan Ülgen, a visiting scholar at Carnegie Europe, discussed domestic influences on Turkey’s Syria policy. more

Angola Modernizes Navy to Protect Maritime Resources

By Francisco Galamas
, , Briefing

Last month, in another sign of their strategic partnership, Brazil and Angola signed an agreement for the Brazilian navy to support the development of Angola’s naval capabilities. The deal fits into Angola’s broader strategy to secure its maritime borders and safeguard its oil and fishing resources. more