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The King’s Speech Signals Shift in Dutch, European Worries

Dutch King Willem-Alexander and his wife Queen Maxima, center left, arrive at the Hall of Knights, The Hague, Netherlands, Sept. 16, 2014 (AP photo by Jasper Juinen).
By Frida Ghitis
, , Column

The annual king’s speech in the Netherlands this year reflected a new emphasis on security issues, owing to Dutch casualties in the Malaysian jet shot down over Ukraine as well as the growing threat from the Islamic State group. But economic health remains a significant concern. more

Boko Haram, Corruption Purges Put Cameroon on Edge

By Alex Thurston
, , Briefing

Alongside the political risks of President Paul Biya’s desire to stay in power indefinitely, two short-term problems stoke anxiety in Cameroon: the potential for destructive escalation in the fight with Boko Haram, and the ambiguous effects of an aggressive anti-corruption campaign. more

Waiting for Disruption: The Western Sahara Stalemate

By Jacob Mundy
, , Feature

The Western Sahara conflict is fast approaching its 40th anniversary with no end in sight. A web of geopolitical interests keeps the conflict in a permanent state of limbo. Therein lies the paradox: The peace process now exists to contain the conflict, but only a crisis will save Western Sahara. more

Despite Saakashvili Prosecution, Georgia Moves West

By David Klion
, , Trend Lines

Last month, Georgian prosecutors filed charges against former President Mikheil Saakashvili for misallocating public funds while in office. While Saakashvili is strongly identified with Georgia’s pro-Western foreign policy, the new government in Tbilisi has only intensified this policy. more

Strategic Horizons

Assessing Obama’s Legacy in National Security Policy

By Steven Metz
, , Column

Obama’s national security legacy will be an important benchmark for future American national security strategy. If seen as a success, it will serve as a model. If seen as a general failure, it will offer a warning. Therefore it is important to begin thinking about it now. more

Global Insider

Peace With the PKK High Priority for Erdogan Presidency

By The Editors
, , Trend Lines

In an email interview, Mehmet Ümit Necef, associate professor at the Centre for Contemporary Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Southern Denmark, discussed the prospect of peace talks with the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) under the Erdogan presidency. more