The Dark Side: Sex in Global Affairs

Sexual behavior and the relations between sexes are some of the most visible markers of cultural differences. But the effects of sexual convention are felt across nations and societies. AIDS, human trafficking and gender inequality are increasingly global problems that have significant implications for international security and prosperity.

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Sex and National Security: Insights from the Life Sciences

While the traditional approach to national security would suggest that there is no linkage between the security of women and the security of states, there is an interesting new wave of research that is increasingly undermining that assumption. If male-female relations within a society -- one of its strongest and most influential characteristics -- are based on dominance and inequity, the state and its security will be affected.

Sex Trafficking: A Global Overview

Sex trafficking is an exceedingly grotesque, highly profitable component of contemporary slavery. In fact, no form of slavery is nearly as profitable, and it can be argued that none is as barbarically exploitive. Like all forms of slavery, sex trafficking is a business, and understanding the business and economic functioning of the crime can provide insights into more effective ways to eradicate it. more

AIDS and the Globalization of Sexuality

In the post-Cold War world, the rapid social, political and economic transformations associated with globalization have coincided with the continuing spread of HIV/AIDS. In fact, it's possible to argue that AIDS is both a product and a cause of globalization. In much of sub-Saharan Africa, the sheer scale of the epidemic is currently threatening stability and reversing development. more

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