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Despite M23 Defeat, Major Hurdles to Stable Peace in DRC

By Laura Seay
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Tuesday’s news of the defeat of the M23 rebel group by the Democratic Republic of Congo’s (DRC) national army forces was a rare bright spot for those who follow the country’s fortunes. Until this week, the Congolese army had not achieved a decisive military victory against any nonstate armed group in its history. That changed Tuesday. M23’s defeat does not mean there is peace in the eastern DRC, however. more

Old is New: M23, Rwanda and Conflict in the Eastern DRC

By Laura Seay
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Armed groups proliferate like rabbits in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Many fizzle within a few months or years, while others build enough strength to sustain decades of sporadic, low-intensity fighting with government forces. In 2012, one new armed group managed to grab international headlines. From its formation in April to its dramatic capture of Goma in November, the M23 movement has become one of the strongest eastern Congolese armed groups to arise in many years. more