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Don't Cut Civilian Aid to Pakistan

By Ahmed Humayun
, , Briefing

As the Republican-controlled House advances its legislative agenda, U.S. civilian assistance to Pakistan looks likely to be one of the early casualties. In addition to new conditions on assistance to Pakistan, White House officials expect that the overall aid package is likely to shrink as well. But before lawmakers cut aid to Islamabad, they should consider the role it plays in realizing long-term U.S. interests. more

No Shortcuts for Pakistan on Counterterrorism

By Ahmed Humayun
, , Briefing

Pakistan has made important progress against militancy in recent years. Starting in mid-2009, the army began a series of full-scale military offensives, but the resulting gains are being squandered by the country's dysfunctional political system. Too busy undermining each other in the pursuit of short-term political advantage, Pakistani leaders have yet to focus their strategic attention on the militant challenge. more

Swat Truce Reflects State Weakness, Not Popular Will

On Feb. 16, the Pakistani government announced a truce with insurgents in the North-West Frontier Province. As part of the agreement, the government agreed to promulgate Islamic law in one-third of the NWFP, arguing that Islamic law is a popular demand, and that the creation of state-led Islamic courts will reduce support for extremism. Instead, the accord will legitimize radical ideology and violence. more

The Pakistan Problem: Success in FATA Depends on Aid to Civilians

In August, the Pakistani army launched a full scale military offensive in its Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA). Since then, fierce clashes have resulted in the deaths of hundreds of militants and the destruction of key Taliban strongholds. This forceful demonstration of Pakistani resolve is a positive change from past efforts. However, military operations will fail if they don't also win the support of the local population. And currently Pakistan is not aiding the war-ravaged Pashtun tribes of the FATA. more