Michael Wilkerson

Michael Wilkerson is a journalist in Uganda, where he is a 2009-2010 Fulbright Fellow. He has written for Ugandan publications The Daily Monitor and the Independent, and also worked in Ghana and Rwanda. Along with WPR, where he was previously an assistant editor, he has written internationally for Foreign Policy and the National Journal online. Michael graduated from Stanford University in 2009 with a B.A. in Political Science.


Articles written by Michael Wilkerson

After Bombings, Uganda Faces Security Challenges

KAMPALA, Uganda -- Nearly two weeks after three bombs exploded in Uganda's usually tranquil capital, the investigations into the attacks seem to be moving swiftly. With Kampala and other parts of Uganda still tense, the apparent progress has provided some reassurance. But questions remain about what the Ugandan government ought to do next and whether it is capable of doing so. more

After the AU's Failure, What to Do About Zimbabwe?

As the African Union summit in Egypt closed July 1, its failureto take any serious action on Mugabe's crumbling Zimbabwe wasreminiscent of the old days, when African leaders routinely ignored the crimes of their colleagues. Presentedwith undeniably grave circumstances in Zimbabwe and the support ofalmost every Western power, the AU did nothing. The question of what to do about Zimbabwe thus remains open. And the only hope of convincing Mugabe to leave is to offer him more than he deserves.

As Peace Process Shows Gains, Northern Uganda Must Not Be Forgotten

KAMPALA, Uganda -- Northern Uganda has been mired in violent conflict for over 20 years. And though it rarely receives as many headlines as nearby fighting in Darfur, Somalia, or even Eastern Congo, the war there, one of Africa's longest running conflicts and humanitarian disasters, is inching toward a possible resolution. But should peace come, Western aid donors should ensure that Uganda's government takes steps to remedy the suffering inflicted on the people of Northern Uganda by the war.