The Israeli left has faced a tough road for many years, unable to capture power in a system developed by the left’s own founders. In recent years, a growing consensus among foreign observers held that Israelis have taken a giant step to the right. Some had argued that the sidelining of the left indicated a radical departure in ideology for the country as a whole. The reality, however, is quite different.

World Citizen: Israeli Left Wins Hearts and Minds, but Not Votes

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The outcome of Tuesday’s elections in Israel proved disappointing to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who was hoping to come away with an even stronger coalition after he formed an alliance between his Likud party and the right-wing Israel Beiteynu (“Israel is Our Home”). And yet, despite the disappointment, Netanyahu managed to retain the top job, just as everyone was sure he would.

It would have taken a miracle, and not a small one, the pollsters said, for a leftist candidate to become prime minister. ...

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